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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

Music Book/CD List

Click links to buy via Amazon.

Books required from September 2016:

Each student will have a Pieces Checklist so parents see the books are being used well and worth the investment. Some books run alongside each other difficulty-wise so need to be worked through simultaneously as grouped below.  

Most pupils will work though these books, even if not taking exams. The books include various exam set pieces and the CDs will be used in the exam. We will play through most other tunes in preparation for the Sight-Reading element of the exam(s).

Confident pupils may choose to skip the Grade 0 "Initial" exam.

I will provide additional sheets & subscription to the interactive website/app worth £25 per pupil annually for all pupils - contact be for the Teacher Code. Additional Beginner Tunes on YouTube are also available for Guitar and can also be played on Flute, Keyboard and Violin (middle strings only).

Viola and Cello lists to follow...

Alto Saxophone:

Boosey Woodwind Method Saxophone Book 1 (Bk & CD)

Real Book for Alto Saxophone

Beginning Band - FUNsembles Alto Saxophone

Grade 1 only (no Grade 0 "Initial" exam available):

Grade by Grade Alto Saxophone Grade 1 (Book & CD)

Saxophone Grade 2:

Saxophone Basics (Pupil's Book & CD)

More Grades to follow... Jazz Grades also available.


Sheets provided by teacher will start your studies then:

A Dozen A Day (Book)

Grade 0 "Initial":

Trinity Piano Initial 2015-2017 (Book & CD)

More Grades to follow... Pop & Jazz Exams also available.


Sheets provided by teacher will start your studies then:

Trinity Exam Books - details to follow...

Drum Kit, Bass, Electric/Acoustic Guitar (Option 2):

Sheets provided by teacher then:

Rockschool Grades - preferably iPad app or alternatively the Book/CD packs.