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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p112 Essential Shapes - Sitting on the Wall

The twist / angle of the sitter made this much more difficult than the previous exercise. I blocked in the shapes, trying to establish the lines in relation to the wall and the uprights of the page.

I tried to focus on the 'essential shapes' rather than including detail. On the first attempt, I didn't really get the twisted angle of the body - it is merely the head that looks to the opposite side.

The seconds attempt shows the torso twisted away from the legs more, and thus, even in this basic form, the subject seems more animated.

I found that the head, upper body, lower body and lower legs were approx. equal heights, but because of perspective, the upper legs should appear shorter when looking straight at them. For the side views, the upper legs would appear longer again, but the shoulder line would seem shorter.

This side-on view, shows the twist reasonably well, but doesn't really match the body weight of the previous images - in fact, the all vary quite a lot! So I need to consider body thickness/depth more in future sketches. However this drawing looks more 'human' than the somewhat 'robotic' sketches above.