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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p115 Stance - Golf

For this exercise, I drew the models at the activity centre.

Golf Stances

The first golf pose was a bit difficult as I couldn't get the angle correct as the body was twisted. The second stance was more straight forward, but the lines are too heavy for a golfer!

I kept the lines a bit lighter for this third attempt. Proportionally, the body is perhaps too long for the legs.

I tried a slightly harder pose for the fourth sketch, with the model pending, but not twisted. I still had a few issues with the face, and his arms are a bit thin. However this was the best drawing so far.

For the fifth golf stance, and it worked reasonably well - apart from the head, which I could get at the right angle.

I felt a bit more confident by the final sketch the model was slightly twisted and it was slightly easier as the torso wasn't twisted.

I had hoped to draw some of the other sports at the centre but ran out of time. I thought after that it would be good to draw some yoga poses, so I'll try and do that when I can.