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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p118 Three Drawings

(1) Standing - Charcoal Pencils

First Sketch - Whilst I got the body and legs, reasonably in proportion, the head was too small.

I prefer the second sketch as the side on perspective gives the body more depth - although I have lost this a bit in the legs through lack of tone.

For colour drawing, I used tinted charcoal to build on from the previous sketches.

The facial features are better defined here and the background shadow helps to bring the figure out from the page.

The trousers are a bit too straight tonally here - the shading is too uniform from top to bottom. The shoes also need more work.

(2) Sitting - ProMarker

For this task, I chose to do this taskj with ProMarker as I hadn't used them for a single colour study.

There was some foreshortening - particularly the upper leg - and I found this quite tricky. The angles of the legs were also more difficult than the arms - although I haven't really drawn the shoulders correct and the upper arms are too thin.

In this sketch, I got the angle of the legs a bit better in this version and built the tone up of the trousers more successfully. I probably needed to add more to the body and head to equal this.

In retrospect, I should have had the model to wear a tighter cardigan/top, but the slouchiness suits the pose and the hands up the sleeves.

(3) Lying Down - Pencil

Perhaps I should have drawn this end on from the model as this would have been good practice for foreshortening. However, I found this difficult enough as the body was on a twist and the legs were raised.

I tried to get some inter-connecting shadows to improve coherency.

I really need to do some more of these to develop my observations further, so would hope to return to this as time allows.

Check & Log

I have depicted proportion reasonably well, by thinking of the body in ratio sections. This was harder to do in the sitting and lying positions with the body/legs at different angles.

 I tried to imagine the model's form and structure under the clothes eg to think about knees/elbows etc and consider how the clothes hang.

I should have done more sketched for this exercise, but wanted to press on in order to cover as much of the course as possibly in the time I had remaining.