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Helen Standing - Music Tutor (West Wales UK)

p132 Assignment 4.1 Line Drawing - Seated Figure

For this task, I drew the model seated in several positions using a black fineliner - non-erasable! I was reasonably happy with the depiction of posture, but felt the pictures lacked interest.

I tried some tonal pencil sketches just to consider shade and form more, with the intention of trying to depict this in more line studies afterwards.

I tried an A2 version with a variety of pens and line styles. However, I decided to move on from the above work as I was struggling to describe well with just line ... Plus I realised the chair didn't really fit the brief anyway.

So I started again with different chair and model. In the previous attempt, I felt I couldn't do enough with the model's short hair, so went for long, full and lighter as it was easier to see the texture/lines etc. However the work above was still useful prep as I found it much easier/had more confidence this time - plus this pose was simpler!

This version was drawn on the iPad using a stylus to apply charcoal stick mode in the Art Set app. again I didn't really use the 'page'/screen well as there was no space for the feet. 

I then had two attempts using erasable pen. In the first, I still had a few issues with proportion and filling the page and I didn't really show the form of the upper body as the fabric lines weren't done the same as the iPad version. I rectified these issues in the second pen version. I was less sketchy and bolder with the lines, making some darker if they were significant edges/areas of shadow.

In this A2 version, I decided to be brave and not enlarge using a grid, but by eye. I divided the page up mentally and started with the collar line, head and moving onto the body. However, I got distracted whilst doing the waist/hands section and made this too long below the knot area. I had initially drawn this in erasable pen, but decided to press on anyway, as there was more I could learn from this version. I completed the legs as best I could, knowing that they wouldn't really fit on.

I then experimented with a thicker black pen, going over the feint lines of the erasable pen. 

I then experimented with a thicker black pen, going over the feint lines of the erasable pen.